First, I see myself as a woman of the gardens and a friend of the herbal medicines.  I can’t explain my deep love for the plants and their special offerings.  It can’t really be shared…and needs to be experienced.   I have an ongoing curiosity and adventure that has lasted over 40 years and become a forefront of what is my service and offering in this thing we call life..


This is much more than you or me. It’s bigger than just herbal medicine and it’s driven by more than a deep love and passion for the plants.   This is about healing the ourselves and our home, earth. It’s about mending our relationship and connection to this precious Earth we live on. It’s about finding a way of living that’s congruent with the rhythms and movements of nature, of life. Not just for us, but for the ones we love and the ones yet to come.

And yes, healing is at the core of all of this. The pains, wounds, and sicknesses we carry are a reflection of what our planet is going through right now. They tell us of the work that must be done at this time – the healing that is needed more than ever.

Within you is a seed – a beginning and an answer. Within you is a wound and within you is a healer. Your power and the great medicine you carry is living within those places that healing has touched. It’s in that miracle the healing you witness and experience that your gifts will surface and soar out to heal this world.

The green ones, the ancient healers who are our plant allies are the ones who can open that door for us. They are the ones who can show us the wonder of mending wounds and teach us how to do this for each other and for this planet.

My background is in natural, holistic health reaching into the fields of  natural health, ayurveda, iridology, homeopathy, herbology, aromatherapy, nutritional therapy, spiritual counselling.  This translates to a an understanding of alchemy of the garden and naturopathy.    I spent many years studying in the field (both for the credentials and to know the garden)   

With the power of the microscope and iridology camera, I look into the inner realms of your human body and the nature of the terrain becomes clear.    This, combined with the knowledge of the garden and nature leads to a natural, wise and logical coaching towards health and healing.   My protocols are not standardized.  Each client is looked at uniquely and presented with the results, markers, articles and observations and recommendations.  Each client is respected and treated in their unique individual way.  I believe sharing  knowledge and gifts to others is the most noblest of adventures we can undertake.

For my garden/nature work  

Leisha’s Credentials

I am not a MD and do not offer to diagnose, treat or operate for any human disease, injury or disability. The services and protocols are geared to assist you in your personal healing journey and all information, reports or communication are strictly for your personal inspiration/education concerning weaknesses, imbalances, emotional and stress factors possibly causing disease states. I cannot diagnose but will recommend further testing based upon the results.   Actually I encourage clients to seek medical advice or tests for any of their particular markers or indications in my testing.

I am not about selling products and making money as a means for success.  Health and healing are a gift to people but exchange in energy is important for reciprocal, connective balance.  The desire to assist, mentor and help people towards a happier and more fulfilling life is held in high regard.   The healing protocols are geared towards and focus on reconnecting with our life blood and Spiritual eye that connects us to the exterior world bringing nutrition, substance and awareness in our interior world.

WHAT YOU GET: To review of current services offered, please go to our treatment page.   I will send you within a day (or less depending on our workload or if it is urgent) a comprehensive multi-page report that will explain and show in detail information and data regarding your health and overall wellbeing; physically, mentally and emotionally.   Some clients have been surprised and even astounded at how much the report can show.   In your protocol, I recommend the most natural solutions including personalized protocols and herbal tinctures from our garden.   I offer post email contact after the initial consult to support the protocol recommendations and we encourage self empowerment and will help you make decisions for yourself.

A follow up consultation is recommended.   This will include a live blood test and a recapture of the iridology.   This follow-up is $50.

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