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Full Package Discount (Live & Dried Blood with Mini Iridology)



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I love seeing people’s inner worlds.  I love having clear and concise information to help determine balance and health.
I am a virgo after all and this why the “analyzing” is my gift.

This special is presented “just because I can”

Live/Dried Blood Analysis with Mini Iridology
Only $100
(if booked before September 13, 2018….my birthday)
Regular Price $150

Includes:  testing consultation (live, dry blood and iridology) and a follow-up, personalized report detailing the results, markers and recommendations.
This is a thorough and detailed look into your inner world

Iridology – tells us where you come from (constitution)

Live Blood – let’s us know where you are now

Dried Blood – gives us clues to where to go from here.

This special – book before September 13
(not necessary have an appointment date before hand).

The consultation takes approximately 1/2 hour.   For each client, the analysis and report presentation is given much time, much consideration and much love.   The report will also detail recommendations considering what is available locally (medicine, herbs and food).



Book Before Sept 13 - Contact me....

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