Once upon a time, every village had an herbalist. In fact, just about everyone knew their local plants.  Kitchens were laboratories. Communities shared their treasured family remedies. It is time to reclaim our herbal legacy and take back the people’s medicine. We own our medicines in our garden! Here is my garden….presented with love!
Herbs By Dosha
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Herbal Formula

To benefit and feel the healing properties from herbs is so much more intricate than just taking a herb for a condition. It is an art!  We show you how.

Health Consultations

Health Consultations offered by Leisha Live & Dry Blood, Iridology, Homeopathy
Leisha is first in her garden.   This is the centre of all her work.
Leisha Naja

Our Garden Shared

Sharing the medicines, we also preserve seeds

Culinary Herbs and Spice Blends

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