Artemisia Annua (Sweet Annie)

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I love Sweet Annie.  LEARN MORE in my article
Sweet Annie extract is a wormwood plant, a type of plant that is known for a wide variety of benefits and positive effects. One of the major benefits of Sweet Annie comes in the form of its anti-bacterial properties. The Artemisia  tinctur has restorative properties for febrile conditions and is used to boost immune system support. It is also used as a calming herb in aromatherapy.  It has a dream enhancing herb lore from its name Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon. This makes it a popular ingredient in the craft industry for herbal pillows and potpourri. It is used in the perfume industry and to flavor beverages and wine.

The anti-bacterial properties of wormwood make it a strong herbal remedy for those suffering from different types of infections and ailments.  The extract is recommended for those who are suffering from the common cold and from any other bacterial or viral infections.

Sweet Annie extract has seen plenty of press for the believed effect that it has on malaria. The extract actually contains artemisinin, something that is believed to help to attack the parasites that can cause malaria.

Sweet Annie extract is often used on conjunction with other malaria medications.

There is a wide variety of other applications and uses for Sweet Annie extracts. There are some who use Sweet Annie extracts to help with upset stomachs, stomach cramps, and stomach pain.

Others will use the extract as a way to combat arthritis, joint pain, and nerve pain.

Sweet Annie extracts have also been used to help fight psoriasis, jaundice, constipation, painful menstruation, and rheumatism.

Side Effects of Sweet Annie Extract:
Those who take Sweet Annie extracts in normal, small doses will be able to avoid any side effects. There are some who will experience upset stomach, diarrhea, or vomiting after taking Sweet Annie.

Women who are pregnant are advised to avoid any and all use of Sweet Annie extract. The extract can cause birth defects, and may cause a miscarriage.

While there have not been any negative reports from women who have used Sweet Annie extract while breastfeeding, research is limited. Women are advised to avoid Sweet Annie during breastfeeding years as a complete safety precaution.

This plant is a self-seeding perennial and will come up like a weed here!  It is wonderful to have on pathways as the smell travels to tickle the senses.

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