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Although not truly an herb, but a wood, sandalwood is an item found often in modern Pagan rituals. In fact, “sandalwood” is an entire class of wood, found in trees that are part of the flowering Santalum family. These aromatic and dense plants are packed full of essential oils, which are often extracted for use in a variety of religious rituals, aromatherapy, and even in medicine.

Sandalwood as well as the vital oil extracted from it has effectual antiseptic properties that are very beneficial in healing disorders relating to the urinary and genital organs like cystitis or inflammation of the urinary bladder and gonorrhoea, sexually transmitted diseases that leads to swelling and irritation of the genital mucous organs. Physicians practicing Ayurvedic medicine use a paste of the sandalwood to comfort rashes and prickly skins. Chinese herbal medicine practitioners use the sandalwood to alleviate chest and abdominal pains.

Sandalwood oil is composed of two primary molecules, alpha- and beta-santalol.These molecules produce the strong fragrance associated with sandalwood.  Alpha-santalol specifically has been evaluated for multiple health benefits from improving blood glucose control in mice, to decreasing inflammation, to helping reduce the proliferation of skin cancer. Sandalwood’s benefits are numerous, but there are a few that particularly stand out.

Sandalwood alleviates pitta and kapha dosha .It  is famous for it’s cooling properties. According to one Ayurvedic school it is a very good cardiac tonic.

Ancient ayurveda has mentioned use of sandalwood in all types of urinary troubles like burning micturition, urinary tract infection, oligurea i.e. diminished amount and frequency of urine, dysurea i.e. painful and difficult micturition etc. Sandalwood helps in dilating of the ureters is a general medical observation. This property can be used in case of renal calculi.

Sandalwood is useful in gastric troubles also. It reduces gastric irritability. One ayurvedic sanhita (ancient megabook) has recommended use of sandalwood water for dysentery. Logically this medicine is more of a use in drug/food intolerance because it has cooling properties. We also can try this medicine in drug/food born allergies

The sedative property of this oil helps to deal with inflammations, anxiety, fear, stress, restlessness, etc. It induces relaxation, calmness, concentration, inner vision, positive thoughts, etc.

Tonic: Regarded as an extremely effective tonic, this oil is particularly beneficial for growing children. Casting a soothing effect on stomach and digestive system, circulatory system, and nervous system, it helps these system function in harmony.

Dosage:   4-5 drops in raw milk or a juice.  To be taken 1 to 2 for ailments.