Osha Root 15ml tincture

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15ml Tincture
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I did try to grow Osha Root to no avail.   However, I was able to bring in some root and make our own tincture.  This is a limited supply product.

Osha root is a Rocky Mountain herb and has been used by the Native Americans for treating respiratory infections and conditions of the digestive system. Today the herb is used in alternative medicine for treating colds and symptoms of viral infections. Osha root extract also induces sweating, and for fevers that will not go away, it works to kick out viral infections before they can become full-blown. It is known for its diuretic action and may help to relieve urinary problems such as stones and excess retained water. Like other bitter herbs, Osha stimulates appetite “feeds a cold”.

Many people struggle daily with mucus and congestion problems, and it is a wonder that the benefits of Osha root tinctures are not more well-known. The herb can help to clear mucus from the sinuses and lungs, thereby helping to relieve congestion and make breathing much easier. It contains a number of volatile oils, including camphor, essential oils, saponins, terpenes, ferulic acid, phytosterols and lactone glycoside. It has been found to have the ability to elevate body temperature and induce sweating. It is used for such conditions as head colds with dry or wet cough, irritating coughs, sore throats, bronchial infections, early stages of tonsillitis, pneumatic complaints and pharyngitis. Also helpful in asthma to keep the lungs clear and the bronchial dilated. Combined with Echinacea against leukocytosis, an increase in white blood cells, it can be extremely beneficial as a powerful antiviral, and antibacterial herb, but mild for the other body systems.

It has been used internally in the treatment of digestive complaints, painful menstruation, and retained placenta. It has also been used to in cases of TB and headaches. An infusion of the roots is used externally to treat body aches. It aches like a mild anesthetic and numbs the area to reduce toothache pain.

Ingredients: Osha Root, Distilled Water, 30% Alcohol.

Instructions: Use 6-12 drops in juice, water, under the tongue or as desired. May be taken 3 times daily. Shake well. Store in cool dark place. Keep out of reach of children.

Contraindications: Pregnant and nursing women should not use Osha Root as it may act as an abortive in the first five days of pregnancy. It should not be used by those who have impaired or inflamed kidneys. Do not use if you have edema (swelling) as a result of kidney or heart disease. Excessive use (many times the recommended dosage) may cause kidney damage.

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