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Mullein, an old and respected treatment for respiratory problems and for stimulating the cough reflex. Mullein extract has been used traditionally for bronchitis, asthma, and croup, and it is a great herb to have around for cold and flu season. It has a mild sedative effect and is said to promote sleep and to soothe the nerves. Considered an antispasmodic, it helps to relieve stomach cramps, and as an astringent, antibacterial and antiseptic, it may be effective for urinary tract infection, as well as a fine mouthwash for a sore throat. Mullein extract can be added to a carrier oil, such as olive oil or sweet almond oil, and placed in the ears to soothe earaches and has been used to help heal ear infections. It may also be used externally to treat swollen joints, arthritis and muscle pain, by rubbing the oil on the affected areas. Although the full impact of the antiviral activity of the herb is unknown, you may want to speak with your healthcare provider to find out if Mullein Leaf tincture may be used along with other medication to hasten your recovery from infections with herpes and other viral infections.

Mullein leaf tincture is an herbal preparation that has been used to remedy respiratory problems, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, croup and other breathing difficulties. The active ingredients include mucilage, volatile oil, saponins, coumarin, rotenone, bitter glycosides, carotenoids, tannins and flavonoids, such as hesperidin. It has been used traditionally as an expectorant, to stimulate the cough reflex. The high mucilage content in the herb, can be soothing to the respiratory system and help to reduce inflammation and irritation. As such, it is also good for relieving sinus congestion. It is also mildly sedative and is said to soothe the nerves and promote sleep. The leaves of Mullein have been used to help prevent the common cold in fall and to ease breathing in the summer months when the ozone levels are high.

Extracts of the Mullein leaves may help to boost the immune system and protect against disease and infection. It is has been used in olive oil, or sweet almond oil for ear pain, or earaches, and inflammation. If you have a toothache, the extract of Mullein may help to relieve the pain. It has also been found to be useful in treating mouth sores and as a gargle for a sore throat.

Due to its slightly narcotic properties, though non-addictive, it is one of nature’s best painkillers. It is said to relieve the pain of headaches and migraines quite effectively. Mullein shows strong overall anti-inflammatory activity and has been considered to be effective in treating swellings, especially when lymph nodes in the throat, neck, arms, and groin swell or are congested. It has a reputation for cleansing the lymphatic system generally, and it is also frequently used to relieve swollen joints and muscle pain.

Mullein Leaf, when used externally, helps treat wounds. It has been used topically by herbalists as a soothing emollient for inflammatory skin conditions and burns. It can calm and soothe the pain and inflammation of hemorrhoids, and reduce the inflammation and pain of insect bites, frostbite, and bruises. This traditional remedy has also been applied topically for the treatment of boils, cold sores, carbuncles, chilblains and skin ulcers. Mullein has a wide range of medicinal and beneficial properties for promoting a healthy lifestyle, and it shows in the skin, as it is believed to give a rosy appearance to the cheeks. A weak infusion of the herb helps with dry complexions.

Ingredients: Mullein Leaf, Distilled Water, 50% Alcohol.

Instructions: Use 6-12 drops in juice or water, under the tongue or as desired. May be taken 3 times daily. Shake well. Store in cool dark place. Keep out of reach of children.

Contraindications: Pregnant or nursing women should not use Mullein.. No serious side effects have been recorded for Mullein leaf. However, taking it in excess can result in stomach upset.

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