Live Blood Test

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It’s unbelievably exciting to see your red and white cells still moving around. It is also rewarding to see responses to nutritional changes, detoxing and life style changes.

The process itself is quite simple. A drop of blood is taken from your finger by a single-use finger lance and placed on a microscope slide for image viewing. The image is transmitted to a computer monitor showing what the blood cells are revealing. This allows the direct inspection and interpretation of many possible issues of the bloodstream, red blood cells, and white blood cells.  It is an excellent means of viewing by microscope the red blood cells, various types of white blood cells, platelets, and blood plasma, just as they function in the body. The possible presence of parasites, bacteria, damaged cells, cholesterol crystals, and uric acid crystals can be identified. The size and shape of the red blood cells may indicate stress levels, nutritional deficiencies, digestive problems and absorption problems. Organ malfunction can also be looked at in the live blood cell view.

This healing package includes:

  1. Test Appointment (approximately one hour) viewing and reviewing your blood together
  2. Personalized Report including photographs of the test with full explanation
  3. Personalized Protocol – steps for healing
  4. Email correspondence to answer any questions

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