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Studies have shown that daily (or frequent) consumption of Lion’s Mane improves general stress, anxiety, and depression, while touting “neuroregenerative” effects. That is, eating the mushroom over time strengthens, tonifies, repairs, and improves function of the nerves in your body. In general, Lion’s Mane has notably and unmistakably improved cognitive capacity and memory in humans and animals

On a more exciting level, Lion’s Mane is looking very promising for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, old age onset dementia, and senility.  It has also been noticeably beneficial to nerve damage as the result of physical trauma or injury.

Many traditional and clinical herbalists both already use reishi. But the more we learn about mushrooms, the more we’re going to see them used therapeutically and nutritionally, that much is certain. Lion’s Mane is likely to be one of the first among those ranks

Very fittingly for its name, Lion’s Mane is a nerve tonic to the highest degree – you could call it a “Nerve Adaptogen.” As a signature, Lion’s Mane and its effects are all about “getting your courage back.” Good mnemonic device, right?

This bizarre-looking, lionized mushroom is perfect for those dry, brittle, spread-thin and nervous “Vata” people who can’t afford to lose a drop of nutrition, especially when most herbal nervines (passionflower, kava kava, motherwort, valerian etc.) tend towards drying, diuretic, depleting action.  These favorites do tend to soothe it’s true, but also increase output of nutrients in your urine.  Lion’s Mane is high in protein (about 20%) and is not diuretic, so this does not pose a problem.

Its effects are not immediate, and it is not an instant nervine like Motherwort or Lemon Balm.  Since it is a tonic, it is to be taken daily or on a regular basis, improving overall function over time while not compromising nutrients at all. In fact, this mushroom is a nutritious food, even for those who aren’t concerned about health.

So it is a bit like getting some “lion’s courage.”  It steadies and improves the nerves over time, dispelling anxiety and stress.  Studies have also shown that it even increases “bravery” in some test subjects – stressed mice who were fed Lion’s Mane as part of their diet were more likely to recover, and then explore and investigate unknown or new territory of their environments.   Talk about losing your nerve, and then getting it back!

To ensure a powerful tincture, we have made a  double extract tincture that blends some of the important constituents which are are alcohol-soluble– while others are hot-water soluble and sensitive to alcohol.

Ingredients Lion’s Mane Mushroom (locally grown), Distilled Water, 50% Alcohol

Dosage: 10 drops with or without food 2 x daily

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