Lavender 15ml, 30ml, Dried, Hydrosol

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Lavender is one of my personal favourites.  My garden contains 2 varieties, the Spanish variety and the Spanish Eyes (which blooms quite well).  It’s energetics are to increase the dry and cold element. It pacifies Pitta and Kapha doshas and aggravates Vata. As a taste it is astringent and slightly biter and pungent.

Our Lavender Tincture is a special alchemic blend where we infused the lavender in alcohol and the hydrosol and add our own special lavender essential oil to the refined product.

The scent of the lavender has been prized for thousands of years and the plant has been valued as a scented herb in many civilizations of the past. The mind and the body can be relaxed and soothed down by the inhalation of an herbal infusion or herbal tincture made from the essential oil of the lavender, smelling the lavender flowers also induces this effect in the body. The herbal remedy made from the herb is effective in the treatment of prolonged anxiety, chronic and persistent nervousness, as well as in alleviating the physical symptoms induced by excessive stress such as tension headaches, persistent migraine, cardiac palpitations and sleep disorders like insomnia.

The emotions are said to be brought into balance by the application of lavender oil, it is said to elevate flagging spirits, helping in relieving depression and enabling the person to overcome inner disharmony and mental problems. The stimulating effect of the lavender is another potent property of the herb, the remedy brings a tonic effect on the nervous system, and it helps to restore the vitality to individuals affected by long term nervous exhaustion and mental trauma.

The name lavendar comes from the latin root lavare meaning ‘to wash.’ Lavender flowers yield abundant nectar for beekeepers.  And, Pumas respond to lavender the way cats respond to catnip giving it a powerful power animal.

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