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The initial homeopathic consultation consists of a lengthy dialogue between you and me, Leisha. which includes your medical history, details of current ailments, and all about your nature (e.g. energy level, appetite, sleep, personality, temperament, etc.).

The average consultation takes approximately 2 hours for most adults and 1-1½ hours for children.  (The intake with Children will also include interviewing the parents/caregivers).

While the focus of the consultation is to find a suitable homeopathic remedy in a classical fashion, you will be given a set of lengthy questionnaires to complete.  Based on the information gathered, I will also advise you on additional nutritional supplements, herbs and possible lifestyle changes that may benefit your health, but will not interfere with the homeopathic treatment.

After collecting all the data during the consultation, I will take some time to study the information and come up with a suitable homeopathic remedy.   I have many remedies available but if your match is not available, I will assist you is sourcing it.

Depending on your response to the remedy, I may recommend repeating, changing dose or changing the remedy during your follow up consultation. Follow up consultation ($40) last approximately one hour. One or more remedies may be needed during the course of treatment.

When dealing with a chronic illness, homeopathic treatment requires considerable commitment from both the patient and the homeopath.   This is a scenario where you “take a pill AND call me in the morning” approach.   We need to be in contact and I need to be fully informed of the responses to the remedy.   Depending on the severity of the illness, and length of time you have had the illness, treatment can take from several weeks, to several months, to a few years. Conversely, acute conditions, such as the flu, occasional ear infection, urinary tract infection or the like may be resolved with one visit.

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