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I was quite surprised and happy to see how well Caraway grew in my garden.  It’s energetics are warm and pungent and bitter.   It pacifies Vata and Kapah and aggravates Pitta due to its’ fire element.

Caraway is one of the world’s oldest culinary spices native to Asia and northern and central Europe. The Romans used caraway to flavour bread, vegetables and fish. Ancient Egyptians placed caraway seeds in tombs to ward off evil spirits and other ancient societies sprinkled caraway onto possessions with the aim of protecting it from robbers. Caraway was considered an essential element in love potions, aimed to prevent lovers from straying and perhaps that is why it is used in the perfumery world.    Caraway is unique as an spicy aromatic that is more bitter than most. It’s aromatic qualities make it an anti-spasmodic and digestive. Hildegard von Bingen wrote about the herbs use as a long tonic. Its analgesic qualities have been used for toothaches.

In the Middle Ages, caraway seeds were served with a bit of sugar as a digestive after a big meal, much the way sugar coated fennel is eaten after a meal in India.

Caraway has been predominately used throughout history for calming the digestive system.Caraway is best known as a carminative herb, one that prevents flatulence, and promotes appetite and digestion.  Two essential oils in Caraway, (carvone and limonene) give the herb its distinctive taste and smell and these oils are also what cause it to reduce spasm and cramp in the digestive system.Caraway seeds are useful in strengthening the functions of the stomach. They relieve flatulence and are useful in flatulent colic,  It also helps in increasing milk in nursing mothers. Moreover, when mother uses caraway, her baby won’t suffer from flatulence and indigestion. It relieves period pains, also good in case of menopause. It can help to fight itching skin, scalp and skin problems such as acne and reduces bruising.  Caraway creates a quiet and attentive mind.    I think that you will soon sense that the way Caraway feels inside the gut is exactly how those feathery fronds feel to your fingers (think of how the green leaves of a carrot top feel by comparison as these plants are closely related) it is a soft and soothing presence that can be a marvellous aid to a tense, tight, sore or distended belly.

It is very safe…an ingredient in in gripe water, to aid wind and colic in babies and also used to flavour children’s medicines.

Caraway tonic has been also reported to benefit the kidneys, glands, eyesight, urine retention and relieve bronchitis and chest colds.

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