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Quality: Humility Rooted in Calmness

The banana flower is rich in vitamins, flavonoids and proteins. The flower has been used in traditional medicine to treat bronchitis constipation and ulcer problems. It eases menstrual cramps. The extracts of banana flower have antioxidant properties that prevent free radicals and control cell and tissue damage.The banana flowers possess the Vitamin C, A, E, Iron, fiber and potassium which are the sources of healthy nutrient. It is starchy and bitter in taste.

Flower Banana flowers are traditionally used as an effective remedy against many reproductive health problems among women including heavy bleeding. It is believed that banana flowers increase progesterone hormone in the body and hence help in reducing excessive bleeding. The banana flower is rich in phytochemical like vitamins, flavonoids and proteins. The flower has been used to treat bronchitis, constipation and peptic ulcer. The extract has antioxidant property that prevents free radicals and control cell and tissue damage.

Banana flowers can help strengthen and repair the uterus. Vitamin C is known to aid tissue repair, such as after child birth. It increases lactation by stimulating progesterone hormone levels for breast milk. Controls the menstrual cycle and helps reduce excessive bleeding.  The use of banana flower is an effectiveremedies in the treatment of menorrhagia or excessive menstruation. Banana flower is yet another remedy that has been used for a long time now for controlling heavy bleeding during menses. The flower of banana plant helps by acting on the hormones directly. It is known to increase the levels of progesterone in the body and this property of it stops and balances excessive bleeding.  It’s clear to see that this fruit is hugely beneficial to women.   A study of the anti-cancer benefits can be found here

They lower blood pressure because of the high potassium. Heal anemia because of the rich iron content to replenish hemoglobin levels. It inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, which helps heal wounds and prevent infections. Antioxidant properties are known to fight cancer and heart disease as well.

Physically, it relieves constipation due to the high fiber content. Helps reduce ulcer pain and prevent them because of the vitamin C. A great dietary inclusion for those with diabetes, as it has antihyperglycaemic properties. The flavonoids inside are excellent insulin receptors.

On Self-Mastery of the Banana Flower: Calmness; self-honesty; self-forgetfulness; ability to step back and observe, non-reactiveness; not getting caught up in negativity; understanding that “what goes around comes around”; for healthy distance from people and circumstances; objectivity.

The female banana flower is a deep shade of purple, its petals thick and firm. Growing like little children under the protection of its hands are a dozen or so pale bananas. The more they ripen and absorb weight, the lower the flower bows on its stalk, closely resembling one bowed in prayer yet dressed in the purple robes of a king. Symbolized in the flowering banana plant we see both the nobility of being humble and the humility of true greatness.

Banana Flower allows us a detached view of life-and of ourselves. There is no questioning of our worth or excellence, no belittling of our capabilities. What, we would argue, exists to question or belittle? There is, however, in addition to our worthiness, credit given to the Creator as the source of all calmness and the origin of true greatness.

Ingredients: 100 % Dehydrated Banana Blossom.
Tincture:  Banana Flower, 30% Alcohol, Distilled Water

Dosage: 4-6 drops can be taken 2-3 times a day.

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