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Despite the relative lack of research, asparagus extract has been suggested for hangovers and detox the liver.There are also claims that asparagus extract has a number of other potential benefits ranging from cholesterol and blood pressure reduction to increased libido.

Despite the lack of human trials, there have been a number of studies conducted on animals. Some have used asparagus leaf extract while others have used extracts made with other parts of the plant including its root and stems.

High cholesterol levels are one of the major contributing factors to heart disease. Several animal studies have demonstrated that asparagus extract may help reduce both total cholesterol levels as well as LDL cholesterol – often referred to as the bad type.

The researchers believe that asparagus extract works on high cholesterol because of a substance called n-butanol which exhibits powerful antioxidant properties.

As well as helping to reduce cholesterol levels, there is evidence that asparagus and asparagus extract can protect your heart’s health by reducing blood pressure.   This body of research suggests that asparagus and asparagus extract could benefit the heart by reducing blood pressure as well as improving kidney health.

Anybody that likes a few drinks will be familiar with the rotten feeling the next morning. There are plenty of natural hangover cures that you can try, and some which prevent you from getting a hangover in the first place.

The potentially good news here is that asparagus extract might help to alleviate hangovers caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Unfortunately there is not a great deal of evidence but asparagus has long been believed to be a natural hangover cure prompting researchers to analyze its effects in a preliminary trial.

The study which was published in 2009 looked specifically at the effect of asparagus leaves and shoots on liver cells. The researchers found that asparagus leaves were especially effective in boosting the activity of certain enzymes involved with the break down of alcohol in the human body. The researchers suggested that asparagus extracts may help to alleviate hangovers caused by alcohol as well as helping the liver dispose of other toxins. Moreover they suggested that the study indicates that parts of the vegetable that are often discarded have potential medicinal value.

With so many people in the world suffering from diabetes and the fact that diabetic medications carry such a risk of serious side effects, researchers are looking for an alternative and safer treatment option.

Asparagus roots have commonly been used for their aphrodisiac properties. They have traditionally been used in India and other parts of Asia for their ability to enhance sexual desire and performance leading researchers to analyze whether it was indeed effective as an aphrodisiac.

Precautions:  People taking lithium should avoid using asparagus extract. Taking asparagus extracts may have diuretic effects and act in the same way a water pill. There is concern that it interacts with lithium by decreasing how well your body eliminates lithium. This can increase the level of lithium in the body resulting in severe side effects.

Suggested Use: Take 8-10 drops 3x daily or more as desired

Ingredients: Wild Asparagus Root (Asparagus ) extract in 50%, Distilled Water

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