Salty (heavy, hot, wet)

Salty balances vata and aggravates Kapha and Pitta. It is of the water and Fire elements being heating, liquid, light, oily and hot. A salty taste comes from minerals. It is found in salts, seaweeds, and Irish moss. Herbs
that have high minerals contents are also seen as having a salty taste.

The salty taste increases salivation, and supports digestion, absorption, assimilation, and elimination. It promotes growth, supports muscle strength, moistens the body, and helps to maintain the water electrolyte balance. It is also energizing, nutritive, demulcent, grounding, soothing to the nervous system, and – because it softens masses – helps to guard against tumours. The salty taste nourishes the plasma (rasa dhatu), clears the channels of the body, prevents stiffness, and enhances the spirit.

As an enhancing agent, it helps to combat dullness, depression and a lack of creativity in our lives. Salty herbs has the ability to detoxify (sore throat for example), dissolve (nodules, for example), and carry medicine to the Kidney system.

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