Bitter (cold, light, dry)

The bitter taste is deeply cleansing to the body because it scrapes fat and toxins. Most people do not like the bitter taste. It balances Pitta and Kapha and aggravates Vata. It is Air and Ether. Bitter is cooling, cold, light and dry. It improves all other tastes, alleviates thirst, stimulates a healthy appetite, kills germs, and clears parasites from the GI tract. It serves to clear heat, dry ama, clear congestion, purify the blood, cleanse and support the liver, while draining excess moisture from the body. It can reduce fainting tendencies and also benefits the skin, relieving burning, itching and swelling. It also tones the muscles and skin, relieves intestinal gas, promotes peristalsis, and serves as a digestive tonic – kindling the digestive fire with its dry, light qualities.

The bitter taste even enhances the release of digestive secretions and digestive enzymes.

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