Skin Mucosa

This is the protective covering that connects with the mucosa (the inside skin) like the outside of a doughnut. It cools and heats the blood through vasodilation, vasoconstriction, sweating and simple conduction. It provides a major surface for excretion of waste products, through sweat and sebaceous fats, that is sometimes
equal to the kidneys. It acts as the first immunologic defense barrier to the outside.

It is heavily protected by the granulocytes of innate immunity, and is capable of rapid shifts of arterial and venous blood and lymph, to both defend the surface and
to protect the fluids by sending them deeper into the body. It contains many sensory organs and is responsible for monitoring our direct environment. It is SUPPOSED to get infections first, and can isolate organisms very effectively while resistance is accomplished and healing can occur.

This is the protective covering that connects with the skin at the entrances,
and guards the body from any aspect of the external environment that enters into it (respiratory and digestive) or when there is even the possibility of physical access (urinary tract, reproductive, etc). Even though these tissues are often buried deep in the body, they, like the external skin, face the outside and drain outwards.

Since the body organizes waste products in order to excrete them (usually to the nearest outside surface), mucus is excretory as well as secretory. Mucus
protects the mucosa, taking the place of the dead but flexible squamous epithelium that covers external skin, and when the mucosa is irritated it protects itself by increased secretions. Unlike external skin, the cells below this slime are alive, and absorption is possible much more rapidly than through the skin. Mucus membranes are therefore highly permeable and specialized membranes that are contiguous with the outside skin.

If the outside is dry, the inside usually is also. If there are skin allergies, there will be similar reactions in the mucosa. If the person is moist and sweaty, their
mucosa will be hypersecretory. (Mosquitoes love these ones) As well as their skin heals, so does their mucosa.
There are some different neurologic and circulatory responses effecting the two skins, and they may sometimes present different evaluations.

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