Respiratory System

The excess quality of the respiratory system usually involves phelgm and mucus so drying agents are considered. For a deficiency, are usually not an important consideration. Cooling liver and mucus membrane functions or lessening the
causes cardiovascular excess will take care of the limited secondary effects of respiratory heat. If it is part of a
thyroid stress syndrome, deal with it in that context.

The lungs expand and contract under the action of the diaphragm, intercostal
muscles and abdominal muscles, and under the control of the central nervous
system and both sections of the autonomics. The main volume of air stays static and warm, never leaving the lungs, although the volume that is actively exchanged varies with physical and emotional stress. The bronchi of the lungs expand (letting more air in) and contract (letting less air in), depending on the carbon dioxide buildup in the blood and the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic enervations.

The blood pumped in from the heart (venous blood) and back out to the heart
(arterial) is similarly controlled, all meant to maintain a balance between waste gas (C02) and needed gas (02), and acid and alkaline pH. Since the main mass of lung air is static, the differences between internal and external gases diffuse through this body. Inhaled air may be as little as a pint in volume or several quarts (in physical activity). The air is inhaled through the nose and sinuses, cleaning and moistening the air.

The upper respiratory system, larynx, trachea and bronchi are all lined with
mucus, flowing upwards and out to, the flow aided by the passage of air and the movement of cilia. Deep in the lungs, billions of macrophages (“dust cells”) line the most delicate parts of the lungs, protecting them from bacteria and particles that manage to penetrate that deeply.

Sympathetic adrenergic nerves dilate the bronchi and increase the bore (physical activity, stress), parasympathetic nerves contract the bronchi and stimulate moistening mucus secretions (resting).

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