Muscle/Skeletal System

Deficiency symptoms are subtle except for joint aches and sense of weakness in the shoulder or legs. A telling sign is very pronounced lethargy after eating. This is sometimes found in adrenalcortical
stress, usually found in thyroid stress, seldom found in adrenalin stress. Those with very excessive liver and GI functions usually show deficiency in muscle-skeletal
energy; those with muscle skeletal excess usually have deficiencies in liver, kidney and reproductive energy. Much chronic joint and muscle pain seems to have little constitutional implication and needs to be treated separately.

Excess are tight muscles and tendons in the neck, back and legs. The person often needs massage, hot tubs and body work, since the skeletal muscles are both overstimulated when used and hypertonic and taut at rest. The most pronounced excess is in the muscles most effected by adrenalin, those of the neck, shoulders, intercostals, lower back, and legs.
Other muscle excesses are caused by emotional guarding.

These evaluations exclude the importance of bones in blood cell formation and mineral metabolism, but deal with their structural importance as anchors for tendons and muscles. With muscles (speaking here of skeletal or voluntary muscles only), their tone is set by spinal chord nerves, reflexes, the brain, and sympathetic adrenergic nerves. Their blood supply (and therefore available energy) is controlled by autonomic nerves and adrenalin. They store glucose fuel as glycogen, and can also use fatty acids as an alternate fuel. When their stored fuels are exhausted by physical activity they are fed additional glucose from the liver, facilitated by insulin from the pancreas.

The more often they are used, the greater
their tone when at rest and the more blood they receive. In physical activity, their increased blood supply is drawn mainly from the viscera; at rest, digestive, metabolic and reproductive functions again regain their former blood supply (and

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