The excess and deficiencies symptoms of the kidneys are closely related to hypo and hyper-tension as it effects the “volume” of mineral salts in our body.

The kidneys take the arterial blood from the renal arteries and squeeze it through half a million little filter tubes (the nephrons) which separate the blood
into thick protein sludge and watery serum. The serum passes lymph-like through the tubules, allowing all the important constituents to be absorbed back into the
sludge until the exiting blood is restored and cleaned. A minute amount of fluid (containing waste solutes) is passed out into the pelvis and ureters as urine. The result is that sodium or potassium is retained (under the influence of the adrenal
cortex), water is retained or not (the pituitary) and the balance between acid and alkaline is maintained.

Further, the compensatory reactivity and constriction of blood vessels and the heart is potentiated by kidney proteins, which are acted on by the liver, and activated in the tissues. This allows blood to flow to the brain when we stand, to back off when we sit, etc. Basically, the kidneys’ primary function is to control blood volume, quality, and dispersal, with urine production simply a means to this end. The kidneys are organs that hold in far more than they let out.

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