A little bit about our products:

We take enormous pride in gathering our medicines from our garden or the local wilds. The “garden” is the holder and gifter of these medicines.   To view herbs for specific ailments, please see the side bar!

We sell our herbs in dried form (for teas), tinctures and seeds (so you can grow your own)

Our tinctures are the apothecary’s treasures. The liquid nature of a tincture adds to its advantages. Liquids do not need to be digested, therefore making them more absorbable. Tinctures do not require any daily preparation (as teas do) and have a much higher concentration resulting in lower dosages. Tinctures of different herbs can also then be mixed not only to create a personalized tonic, but to target individual’s needs. Tinctures offer us a convenient and effective method to extract and utilize the active compounds in medicinal and fragrant plants, and are just as useful now as in centuries past.

We are most happy to make personalized compounds for our clients. Tinctures can be taken alone, diluted in water or other teas, lozenges; drops can be applied in compresses, oils, ointments, suppositories, foot soaks or enjoyed in a hot bath!

Tincture Concentrations
All our bottles are labeled with a ratio of weight to volume. The first number represents the weight of the herb, or marc, and the second number represents the volume of alcohol solution, or menstruum. All our tinctures are at a 1:2 ratio macerated in at least 50% distilled alcohol. Some tinctures are double extracted (water and alcohol) to retain the water and alcohol soluble medicines.

Herbal medicine extracts can be made from fresh or dried herbs, and from any part of the plant. Varying alcohol percentages are matched with different constituents of interest.

Alternatives to alcohol
Tinctures are most commonly made in alcohol so it may be a concern for individuals of young age, with religious beliefs or with health conditions. We an make alternatives such as vinegar (Apple Cider) . However the shelf life is much lower and the extraction process is not as efficient (yielding a less potent tincture) as in alcohol based tinctures. We can also create Cacao Bars with your favourite herbs.

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