Healing Test Packages

Testing and viewing the BIOLOGICAL TERRAIN

Live & Dry blood testing and Iridology enables one to see exactly how one’s body is behaving. It gives a clear picture of health at a cellular level.

As a practitioner, I am not looking to make a diagnosis from patterns seen, but rather assessing the biological terrain which drives the heal patterns in the body.

To understand the concept of ‘terrain’, just think of a vegetable garden: if the terrain, or soil, is in a healthy condition, the plants will grow vigorously and will be free of disease and parasites. Similarly, if the terrain in the human body is healthy, bacteria, viruses and fungi will be repelled, metabolic processes will proceed unhindered, and disease will not be enabled. By examining the blood and eyes, it is possible to assess the body’s terrain and anticipate the onset of disease long before it manifests.

One has the opportunity to correct current imbalances, in order to improve current and prevent future ill-health.

Healing tests and reports are offered as educational summaries on your body’s terrain and how to enter into relationship with plants and healing products for the benefit of the whole.

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